Purchase Orders

Keeping your inventory at optimum levels is a key concern for every business. Peach Software helps you to manage the purchasing decisions, from automated reorder level algorithms to seasonal reordering. Our integrated system offers numerous advantages, including fully costed import costings from FOB prices and a more efficient ordering process. You can raise and manage purchase or transfer orders from any warehouse location using consolidated or warehouse specific reorder levels and sales history while updating eta dates for the sales team to keep them fully informed.

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Accurate purchase orders

As a key element of your business, purchase orders need to be managed effectively to reduce errors and improve operational outcomes. With our software, you can access meaningful landed costs, identify margins, and avoid duplicate orders. Not only does this reduce errors, but you will also save time and money with suppliers and develop better relationships with partners.

Peach Software enables seamless bulk buying, automatic unit conversions, efficient order tracking, and complete integration with the sales side and accounting system. Our system includes a number of advanced purchase features, including automated reordering, split deliveries, and customised alerts to ensure business continuity.

We offer the following purchase order features:

  • Automated Re Order Level algorithms
  • Seasonal Reordering
  • Complete purchase history and Supply performance
  • Interactive sales graphs within the reordering screen
  • Ability to reorder based on Branch Specific or Consolidated Performance
  • Reorder algorithms account for Kit component sales

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The Peach difference

Peach inventory management software offers a complete business solution in a simple integrated package. We combine a wide variety of software tools under a single umbrella to make your life easier. Along with purchase orders, our software is ideal for sales orders, shipping labelling, customers, financial integrations, inventory management, warehousing and fulfilment, payments, reports and forecasting, and numerous other applications.

If you’re looking for a simple and powerful way to streamline your purchase orders, contact the team at Peach today.