Wholesale Solutions

Peach Software provides advanced inventory management solutions for wholesale applications.

With our fully customisable software suite, you can review inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations, making our product perfect for wholesale and distribution. Whether you need to move stock from place to place, fulfil customer orders, or assign serial numbers, we’ll help you keep the supply chain moving.

Diverse wholesale solutions

Wholesale businesses are involved in the purchase and redistribution of goods for profit. This core process often involves a variety of secondary activities, including repackaging, assembly, transfer, sale, and product protection. Inventory management lies at the heart of the wholesale sector, with smart software the key to business efficiency.

We offer simple and highly effective software solutions for a range of use-case scenarios, including wholesale and retail distribution applications. From purchasing and sales to accounting and CRM, wholesale businesses benefit greatly from centralised and fully integrated software tools. Our software provides real-time visibility, in-depth product control, and integrated customer and supplier management.

We offer the following wholesale solutions:

  • Serial and batch tracking
  • Assembly and disassembly management
  • Visibility and separation of costs
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Centralised customer, inventory and supplier data
  • Import Costing and management

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Why choose Peach?

Whether you’re running a multinational company or a small business, Peach inventory management software is the perfect option for wholesale businesses. We understand the complex requirements of this sector, with our business tools optimised for large-scale applications. Our software offers detailed inventory management features, including dedicated sections for customer and supplier control, account management, importing, and housekeeping.

You can check inventory levels across locations, manage all of your purchasing and invoicing decisions, and deal with contacts and CRM in a single unified package. Our comprehensive software also includes automated backups, hosting options, and workshop modules, among other features.

For advanced wholesale solutions, contact the team at Peach today.