A genuine cloud solution that does the heavy lifting for demanding business needs

We deliver efficient Software tools allowing you to streamline and simplify your complex workflow. Controlling your Inventory, Sales and purchasing, Peach provides complete control throughout the business process. Peach Software covers a wide range of common and not so common scenarios. Just like an iceberg Peach software powers a vast array of hidden but powerful features from an elegant and User-Friendly interface. From large multibranch applications to specific Industry types, every sector is catered for, from a simple but customisable interface.

Our Software Application covers multiple sectors including Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Importing and Warehousing for businesses with complex inventory and pricing structures such as Auto Parts, Industrial Components, Hardware, Fishing Tackle, textiles and Agricultural Spares. Our application offers customisation to suit your specific needs from accounting integration to automated processes and tailored reporting solution.

Our enterprise-level solution is flexible, secure and available from either on premise, or the cloud. If you’re looking for a complete business management solution to maximise your efficiency and simplify your business, we are here to provide that solution. Please contact the experienced team at Peach Software to find out more.

Multi Channel

Peach Software is the ideal inventory solution for multi-channel applications. We can help you to analyse, manage, and refine all of your online and real-world sales through a single software suite using our modern API. Multi-channel tools rely on complete integration and structured security across all platforms. eCommerce sales channels such as eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce and Neto can be accommodated with bi directional support to facilitate complete Integration.

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Peach Software provides advanced inventory management solutions for wholesale applications. With our fully customisable software suite, you can review inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations. Whether you need to move stock from place to place, fulfill customer orders, or assign serial numbers, we have you covered.


The eCommerce sector continues to take the world by storm. Whether you sell physical products, professional services, or digital goods, fast and effective inventory management plays a central role in all online sales. We deliver smart integrated software solutions for a range of eCommerce applications. With Peach Software, you can keep your stock under control, your orders fulfiled, and your customers happy.

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In order to grow your manufacturing business, it’s important to invest in a smart inventory management solution. Peach Software provides an unmatched level of control, accuracy, and integration, which makes it perfect for the manufacturing industry. If you rely on advanced inventory control for parts and components, and depend on accurate costings for finished goods, Peach Software is the solution.


Give your distribution business room to grow with smart inventory management solutions. When you control your stock, you can make smarter business decisions and plan for the future with confidence. Peach Software provides distributors with multi-warehouse and multi-shipping management capabilities. You can keep track of stock across multiple locations, manage shipping and consignment, and access location and barcode data for ultimate control.

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Peach Software helps to improve outcomes and remove stress from the retail space. Whether you operate a physical store, run an eCommerce business, or do a bit of both, we can make your inventory work for you. Many of our enterprise software tools are ideal for the retail sector, including point of sale, shopping cart, and multi-channel eCommerce products.

Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing can be a complex and competitive industry. In order to succeed in this sector, you need to deal with time-sensitive demands, seasonal fluctuations, and complex compliance obligations. With more than 35 years of development, Peach Software is the smart inventory management solution. Our software offers control over the entire food production process, with real-time visibility helping you to maximise efficiency and lower costs.

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The automotive industry relies on real-time data to make key operational decisions. From serial numbers and product groups to cost tracking and sub-assemblies, inventory management is essential. Peach Software provides enterprise-level services for all your business needs. From purchasing to pricing, from payables to receivables, we deliver intelligent inventory solutions in a powerful and elegant package.


Peach Software is fully featured, easy to use, and able to tackle the unique demands of the agricultural sector. Our inventory management tools help you to manage time-sensitive orders, deal with seasonal fluctuations, and meet complex compliance obligations. From product lifecycle management to custom tracking, we can help you to manage every aspect of your agricultural business.

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Peach inventory management software provides trusted solutions for the industrial sector. From how you purchase goods and manage accounts to custom tracking and job costings, our software allows you to manage your entire business from a single user interface.  Our software solution includes purchase orders, sales orders, shipping labelling, customer control, financial integration, inventory management, warehousing and fulfilment, payments, and reports and forecasting.