Distribution Solutions

Give your distribution business room to grow with smart inventory management solutions.

When you control your stock, you can make smarter business decisions and plan for the future with confidence. Peach Software provides distributors with multi-warehouse and multi-shipping management capabilities. You can keep track of stock across multiple locations, manage shipping and consignment, and access location and barcode data for ultimate control.

Effective distribution solutions

Distribution is about creating networks and managing the path of least resistance. As an entity that buys, transports, and sells multiple products direct or through re distribution, inventory management is critical to your success. Fast and effective distribution is about removing bottlenecks and maximising efficiency every step of the way. At Peach, we create simple and elegant software solutions to solve complex inventory problems.

From suppliers and customers to SKUs and transactions, distribution involves many moving parts and lots of invested parties. Our software system is designed to make your life easier through the power of technology. Peach is fully featured and easy to use, with all screens and nested processes designed to make sense within the wider software ecosystem.

Our distribution features include:

  • Centralised data on all suppliers
  • Complete costings made visible
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Multi-currency purchasing
  • Customer and Supplier Consignment management
  • Location tracking and barcodes
  • Shipping integration

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Why choose Peach?

Peach inventory management software provides custom solutions for the distribution industry. We understand the structural and location complexities of this sector, and we create tools to make your life easier. From product purchase and shipping to integrated scanning and location tracking, all data is shared and all features are integrated. Whether you need to distribute whole or disassemble into smaller quantities, our software is perfect for the task.

For dependable distribution solutions in Australia and across the world, contact Peach today.