Peach Software includes a variety of business tools specialised for commercial applications

We deliver trusted inventory management solutions to help you solve complex business problems. From purchase and sales orders to tracking inventory, warehousing and payments, Peach Software is a complete enterprise package in an elegant and easy-to-use interface. We can help you to control products, customers, and suppliers with the touch of a button. Information is easy to find, data is integrated throughout, and solutions are delivered without compromise.

At Peach, our software is designed to meet your immediate needs and exceed your long-term expectations. Peach Software covers a wide range of common and custom business use cases. From expansive multi-channel solutions to dedicated industry services, every sector is catered for. Our products include purchase orders, sales orders, shipping labelling, customer control, financial integration, inventory management, warehousing and fulfilment, payments, and reports and forecasting. If you’re looking for a complete inventory management solution to simplify your business, we are here to help. Please contact the team at Peach software today to find out more.

Purchase Orders

Keeping your inventory at optimum levels is a key concern for every business. Peach Software helps you to manage the purchasing decisions, from automated reorder level algorithms to seasonal reordering. Our integrated system offers numerous advantages, including fully costed import costings from FOB prices and a more efficient ordering process. You can raise and manage purchase or transfer orders from any warehouse location, from your computer or mobile device, using consolidated or warehouse specific reorder levels and sales history while updating eta dates for the sales team to keep them fully informed.

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Sales Orders

Fast and effective sales order management is integral to every business. Peach Software offers a range of sales and order features, including bulk actions, customer data management, shipping integration, and credit returns. Along with sales orders, our dedicated point of sale screen is highly efficient and easy to use. Cash sales, account sales, quotes, customer orders, or credit notes can all be done from one screen. Peach Software is the perfect tool.

Documentation and Label Management

Logistics and shipping management is the secret to success for many businesses. Peach Software offers a range of warehousing and shipping solutions, from real-time stock visibility to wireless barcode scanning and labelling. Whether you’re a small emerging business or an established operation, accurate and on-demand documentation and labelling is integral to all logistic tasks. For simple, accurate, and integrated solutions, Peach Software is here to help.

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Regardless of size or sector, customer relationships define the long-term success of any business. Peach inventory management software includes informative customer and contact information with their integrated CRM. When customer relationship information is included at the heart of your business software, you are more likely to build profitable relationships. If you want a simple, accurate, and integrated customer control system that works, Peach Software is here to help.

Financial Integrations

How you manage your day-to-day finances has a huge influence on the long-term health of your business. Peach Software includes complete integration with all your accounting processes. From purchasing and invoicing details to the integrated point of sale and general ledger screens, you can save both time and money with a connected software solution. We provide our fully integrated accounting system or integration to you to facilitate your industry sector and location.

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Inventory Management

Inventory and product management play a vital role in every business. Peach Software deals with every aspect of inventory management, from inventory costing, purchasing, sales, reporting, and accounting. Inventory management systems are about controlling the logistics of goods entering, moving through, and leaving your business on a daily basis. When you streamline this process, you are reducing bottlenecks and increasing accuracy, therefore saving you time and money.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

In order to maximise your orders and streamline your business, you need a trusted warehouse management solution. Peach Software provides simple and effective warehousing and fulfilment services for diverse applications. From order management and segmentation to workflow processing and warehouse metrics, we combine multiple inventory and shipping services in a single unified package. When you have access to a professional warehousing system, you can speed up fulfilment and transform your warehouse into a hive of productivity.

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In order to improve your business over time, you need access to accurate and digestible business performance data. Peach Software includes detailed reports to help you optimise key business decisions. We offer a complete suite of professional reports categorised by product, supplier, customer, trading, and general ledger. Peach inventory management software includes a variety of interactive onscreen and print reporting features to help you make better decisions.


In order to succeed in the business world, you need to stay ahead of the pack. Peach Software add-ons extend the functionality of our software. Our mobile add-on package unlocks advanced features from any location. Our barcode scanning package enables improved stock control and speed of operation. With both of these features engaged, you can enjoy a truly paperless business environment.

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