Barcode Scanning Add-On Package

If you’re looking for an intelligent inventory management solution, barcode scanning is essential.

The Peach Software barcode scanning add-on package allows you to track products easily from any location. From reordering and changing location to printing labels and checking product details, barcode scanning increases accuracy and improves speed throughout your business.

When you have access to complete barcode scanning, you can improve accuracy and speed up most business processes. You can scan products to reorder, change location, and print labels. You can identify alternate locations, check and edit product details, and identify superseded parts with ease.

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The Peach mobile add-on package offers the following features:

  • Packing: With the power of barcodes, you can increase the speed and accuracy of customer orders. Warehouse staff can easily recall items to be packed, including urgent orders and exceptions.
  • Stocktake:When you scan items via barcode, the stocktake process is accurate, fast, and enjoyable. Peach Software gives you access to product codes, descriptions, and other relevant data from any location.
  • Moving products:With barcodes, it’s never been easier to move products from one bin location to another. Barcodes allow you to move, receive, or pick stock between areas based on need.
  • Receiving products:When you scan items coming into your warehouse, you are much less likely to experience delays and make mistakes. Paperless warehousing is fast, simple, and stress-free.

Along with barcode scanning, the use of mobile devices improves outcomes in any business environment. With Peach on your tablet or mobile phone, you can check pricing and availability, find contact information, and place orders with ease. Our mobile add-on package includes comprehensive customer, supplier, and product control for the ultimate in mobile inventory management.

For a complete barcode scanning solution, contact Peach today.