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100 Features Checklist

July 21, 2021   ||   Robert Parker

Peach Software ticks all the boxes. Here are 100 features we think might be helpful to your business.

Add Customers and Parts on the fly

Don’t let your software slow you down when a new customer calls or walks in the door. With permissions set, during a transaction you can quickly add or edit a customer or Product with minimal fuss to get the sale moving along. You can also import over a million supplier products into your reference file, so the part, description and even up to date cost and sell pricing, are only ever one key stroke away. Your records will be accurate and complete so orders for customers can be traced and supplied.

Adjust Total

At your goods receipting or sales points sometimes the total needs tweaking to allow for gst differences or to turn a happy customer into a delighted one? With Peach, you can quickly edit a total to agree with the supplier’s invoice or round down to get that customers grin going. The difference is automatically spread over the entire transaction, ensuring one product doesn’t cop the load.

Adjusting customer price matrix

Peach Software price matrices can be very detailed and complex. So, when adding a new client, you can simply copy a matrix from an industry template, and then make any required adjustments. Our Matrix Maintenance utility also allows you to bulk change the matrix saving hours of detailed work. Remember time and every profit point is money.

Alternate Parts

Throughout your product file you may keep products which are different Brands or versions, some more or less expensive, but can be interchanged for certain uses or applications. These are Alternate parts and can be linked, so when searching for a product, the search results can suggest the linked alternative. This feature is also useful if you, or your customer search a competitors Number, giving your version as a result, even if the competitors item is not stocked.

Alternate Suppliers

Many types of business purchase some generic products, such as a roll of tape, from 5 possible suppliers. That means 5 versions of the part number and barcode. In Peach Software for every stocked item, you can store unlimited supplier numbers and barcodes, all of which will bring you back to your primary number at the sale point or stocktake. Then automatically use the supplier’s number when ordering, trimming down your product file and confusion.

Customer Backorders

Not all your customers will want you to retain their backorders, but for those who do, our system will save a list of any undersupplied items. When goods come in the system can display what can be delivered, just tick the Backorders to be released and out comes the packing slip. If you have a client with multiple backorders for an item, they can be consolidated onto the next delivery.

Supplier Backorders

You may not want all your suppliers to retain your backorders, so again this is selectable by Supplier. When loading a supplier or product into the Supplier Order or Receipting screen an alert will let you know if any backorders exist or if the part you load is already on a backorder for this supplier. Of course, there are reports and a transaction monitor where this information can be viewed as well for all suppliers.


Stock moves into your warehouse and through your organisation then dispatched. At every touch point of your logistical tunnel barcoding has been enabled. Receipting, moving between Bin and Warehouse locations, branches, picking, packing and dispatching or selling over the counter. Barcoding is even available for stocktaking ensuring that your workflow is fast and accurate at every point. Peach barcoding includes Part, Inner, outer, Layer and Pallet Qty recoding.

Data Backups & Redundancy

Whether you’re in your office or on the other side of the planet you can easily backup your system to your device even when your business is trading. Backups can be encrypted or saved as accessible depending on your permissions. When you host your system with Peach Software, we also schedule automated backups with serious redundancy plans but always recommend in house backups should be a part of your daily routine.

Bulk Data Editing

Save many hours of work. Let’s change a Bin Location for some products. Hey Peach! Find parts from Supplier “ACME” with the word “Switch” somewhere in the Description in Product Group 16 and Subgroup AB, where the part number begins with “BRD” and set Bin location as AST554. You can even see the list of products to be changed before the update, making sure you’re not about to make a BIG mistake. Whatever data you want to change, Bulk update can save many hours of work.


Mostly used in the Automotive Industry, Capricorn is an account settlement business taking the work of accounts reconciliation and payments, out of your hands to free them up with other important tasks. We’re just letting you know that we are fully integrated to Capricorn so if you’re a Capricorn Supplier we have you covered. As soon as you load a customer a live credit check is done and then upon completion the invoice is uploaded to Capricorn seamlessly.

Changing Codes

Weather changing Customer, Supplier or Product codes, Peach brings along the transaction history and even tags them with the old code so until you let your staff know of the changes, they can still find them with the old one. Don’t let your software limit your business, make it work for you. You can finally tidy up all those old mistakes and get your data into good shape.

Adjusting the Total of a Sale

Sometimes you have just finished invoicing a long list of parts and need to get the invoice to agree with a pre agreed total, or you want to round of the package to get the Don’t customer to take the bait. Well, it’s really simple with Peach Software. Just click adjust total and type in the price you want to charge, all the line items will be trimmed evenly so that you’re not lobbing one of the parts with an incorrect profit margin.

Customer Consignment Stock

We have many scenarios, Customer Consignment can mean your stock kept on a customer premise, kept in a Reps car, or even a serviceman’s van. Where ever your stock is located, it remains transparent to your staff yet can be hidden from availability. This way you can move stock around, check consignment sales statistics and even give them unique reorder levels and bin locations. Depending on permissions, you can even invoice out off or purchase into a consignment area. And transferring stock between these areas is simple, interactive, and can be automated using the Reorder levels set for each of the areas.

Duplicate a Parts List

Copy an Invoice into a Purchase Order, or a Goods receipt into an Invoice. This opens up a great deal of options for you. Any parts list can be copied and pasted to another screen. Simply load the screen and send the Lines to the clipboard. Now flick to another screen and receive the line items into the new transaction. All pricing is adjusted according to the Customer or Supplier system pricing.


Pre-match each customer to a default Courier from a list of couriers and standard charges. Once matched your invoices will start charging Freight according to the charges in the Courier table. This can be calculated per consignment or per parcel, either way less mistakes and processes to forget. The Courier of pricing can be changed on the fly whilst updating the invoice and from your daily transactions a freight manifest can be produced to ensure each courier collects all the freight allotted to them.   Customers like consistency and to be treated the same each time they buy off you.

Credit Control

Flexibility is key. Peach can either warn or Stop Credit if a customer has exceeded their credit limit or Trading terms. There is a system wide rule you can set as a fall back, but each and every customer can have different terms. You can even specify if the terms are based on end of month or invoice date. Whether you’re in our primary system or one of our mobility apps, the credit limits will warn you or your customers when they log in.

Credit an Invoice

To credit an entire invoice simply recall the invoice into the credit screen, add or remove any of the line items, and process it. Alternatively, you can load the customer into the credit screen and start entering parts. As you enter the parts, Peach will list the prior sales to that customer and display the date and quantity sold, quantity returned and price of each of the sales. Simply choose the correct invoice from the list and it will be noted on the credit document. Parts returned will be updated on the original invoice information so you can keep track and avoid taking back products you didn’t sell.

Customer Pricing

Customers can have their own price Matrix or source from a buying group or industry specific matrix. You can choose Product net price, Product or Group Quantity Price, Price by Group and Subgroup combination, Use Mark-up Codes, Price Level discounts and the list goes on and on. Give us a pricing problem, we’ll show you the solution.

Customer Report Code

Putting a customer in a report code could be used for industry groups, geographical areas, even statement 7 14 or 30 day runs. It’s in your hands. When running reports and even statements you have the option to filter using the Report Code field.

Data Migration

If you’re struggling to think about how your data will look in the new software package, then let us do a trial transfer for you and you can run some real case scenarios with your own products, customers and suppliers. There may be a small charge depending on the extent of the data required, but any charge will be credited if you proceed. Peach Software prides itself on rapid deployment including data migration so there will be minimal downtime during the transition.

Obsolete Parts, Customer and Suppliers

While it’s not viable to delete old records if they make up your 24 month financial history, we can facilitate hiding them from view so they are not used inadvertently during a sale or purchase. Use the Hide function to retire Parts, Customers and Suppliers but you can still find them if you need too.

Lay Buys and Buy Ins

Customer Special orders fail in most systems, with Peach you can Add That Part, Add the Customer, take the order and take a deposit. The customer can even return and make more payments until the goods arrive if they like, or you can use this feature as a lay buy facility. During supplier order generation, Peach will prompt you to order the parts required, and when they arrive it will generate a report telling you what you can now supply and why the product was ordered for. We can even make the coffee if that completes the picture for you.

Duplicate Parts

So, you have two products with the same code from different suppliers. There’s no need to separate them by an extra code anymore. Peach will handle these in the background. If you search for one of them, both will appear in the search with Qty available and Description so you can make the right choice.

Emailing transactions, Statements and Reports

Customers and Suppliers can have unlimited contacts, each having their own Phone, Mobile, Title, Notes and email address. Simply tag which contacts get which documents and from then on, the system will work it out. Weather your invoicing, doing credits, Payment Remittances, account follow ups or statements. Peach will make sure they are emailed to all the right recipients.


Using the in-depth contacts area in Peach Software, you can Text Links to invoices or PDF Specials and delivery advices. If you want to end a blast, just use customer browse to filter the customers you’re trying to reach, write your message and send. The easy interface will give you a comprehensive run down of costs before you send the text messages. Log into your Text account at ClickSend to register and monitor your account settings and costs.

End of Day

What end of day?  Peach is always live and date driven, so any report you can get today you can get any time in future as well. Even last month’s statements can be re printed for the next 11 months.

End of Month

Part of the end of month backup makes a copy of your data base as at the very end of the month. Peach keeps a copy of each end of month automatically for you to be able to go back to and check or re run statements as at that date. The month end procedure for an average store including a backup would be around 10 minutes. Statements can be printed before or after the month end process. Since the date of the General Ledger can flout separately from the trading system, a month end doesn’t need to be as stressful.

Finding a that Part

We’re used to dealing with Big Inventories, so finding a part under pressure is made quick and easy. Search by Part, Partial Part or description using up to three words in any order. Search by alternate part number or even alternate Barcode, all from any screen. If you want to search by Notes or specs, you can simply type a? and the super search screen will solve the tricky needs.

Viewing Prior Sales

Ever been in the middle of a sale and wondered when and what you charged the customer for this item in the past? Simply hit F11 while in any screen for a list of previous transactions where you sold or purchased this part to this customer or from this supplier. Great for checking the price, then one clicks to view the transaction.

Forward Date Invoices

Everyone wants to prepare orders for the start of the next month. With Peach you can get the orders packed and invoiced using our forward dating feature.

Invoice into negative

You can’t always get your goods booked in fast enough to invoice out, sometimes it’s convenient and even a necessity to be able to invoice out before receiving, putting your stock into negative. Never fear, once your deliveries are booked in the stock comes back into line. We also have an option to update the average cost on the fly if you know the price has gone up to keep your profits accurate. Avoid delays by booking your stock in using barcode scanning or paperless warehousing.

Add Freight charges to item costs

Many of our Rural clients need the freight of a supplier’s invoice added to the cost of the parts. This is an easy option in Peach so that the last cost in the product control will reflect the price you paid including the freight. If the invoice comes later for the freight simply enter the Goods In as a delivery docket, and finalise it later with freight charges when you’re ready.

Future Price Updates

Our future pricing feature means you can enter your future price rises today and select the date on which you want then to take place so you don’t have to enter everything the evening before the price rise takes effect. We also have a powerful percentage price change function to move the selling price for all or some products based on product grouping, supplier or sales performance. These functions literally save you hours of work and let you optimise profit points for your inventory.

Generating Customer orders

Peach Software speeds up your business, some of our clients putting through 500 invoices a day. You can only achieve that sort of throughput by having software that streamlines your operation and adapts to your business. Whether you are an internal sales operator, Rep or even the customer placing the order. Peach Software has a great function where it can look at the last 24, 12, 6 or even three months purchases by your client’s business, average out their prior purchases, and generate a typical monthly order. Submit and you’re done!

Generating Re-Order levels

Use a combination of all or any filters e.g., Supplier, Product Groupings, Categories, performance characteristics, then the sample number of months from product sales history, enter your optimum delivery expectations and click GO! Now you have just updated thousands of reorder levels and tagged them with the algorithm you used. This can be done and redone as often as required. Now you can compensate for the Growth, Maturity and Declining stage of your products to make sure your stock and spend is optimised. The mere fact that this is automated means, you can review and tweak these tagged algorithms as often as required.

Receipting Goods Scanning

Customers were typically receiving hundreds of Sku’s in a carton and then separating the contents into piles before they could even start receipting them. Now simply load the Supplier Order into the Good receipting screen and start scanning as you pick the products out of the carton, in any order. No Sorting and no Mistakes. One of our larger clients reported they previously would take days to book in some large monthly deliveries. Now the same delivery can be booked in within an hour. These are areas you must address in your business if your serious about growing. Time and mistakes work against you even without you noticing.

How Many Delivery addresses

Peach allows unlimited delivery addresses for your clients, and at the end of the month 1 statement. In addition, it keeps track of what you have supplied to where and who placed the order. In fact, you can probably generate better reports than the customer in regards to the usage to each site. They’ll be impressed when you show them you know more about where the parts are going than they do. And now without unlimited number of contacts you’ll know who you’re talking too, where they are and what they buy.

Search Features in Receipting screen

Ever received money or a cheque and don’t know where it came from? It’s easy with Peach. You can search by Drawer, Name, Customer Code, Invoice Number or even the amount. This has got to save hours over the period of a week. Once you locate the invoice simply click and the receipting screen loads the customer and focuses to the transaction ready to go.

Lost Sales Recording

As the owner of a business, it’s important to know what’s not happening as well as what is happening. For this reason, when you are invoicing a customer or taking an order it’s a simple matter of pressing one key to record that part as a lost sale. We can also track parts that were ordered but not supplied so you can measure your supply performance.

Maintain Margin

Out of all the complex discount structures I’ve seen the simplest one is maintaining margin. This means exactly what it says. Whenever you receive a product and the cost has changed Peach determines the current margin and updates the selling price to keep the margin the same. Simple! Great for trade sales and is just one way you can automate your sales pricing.

Multiple Invoice Layouts

When Peach is set up the Technician will be able to personalise the Invoices for you saving on your printing costs. Colours and Logos are also able to be put on the invoice. If you have a case where multiple invoice layouts are required or you’re invoicing from different branches then just ask. We can automate who gets which invoice layout in no time at all. You can also direct print jobs to various printers in your workplace. If you’re printing between branches, we also have a very smart solution without the need for VPN’s or expensive infrastructure.

Non-Inventoried Items

Yes, you can have a non-inventory item in Peach, simply add the details on the fly and have it as a no inventory “Zero” item. You can still see where you purchased it from, who you sold it too, and for how much. Great info to have in case of faulty claims. If it’s a buy in you can also see in PEACH who the customer was that ordered it. This is great for newly introduced items that you’re not ready to stock. When selling the part, the software will ask for a cost if it’s a non-inventoried item since the sales may be far and few between.


You can place any amount of text into the notes area of any Product, Customer or Supplier. These notes can appear the instant that you use that product or business in any transaction screen. Maybe a prompt for on-selling parts, or to give your salespeople a message about a customer when they are serving them. even tag a product with useful information or a key word to search by. Yes, you can even search for words within these notes area from our super search screen.

Peach Online

With Peach Online your customers can perform a live price and availability enquiry, see a picture and order a part. For your customers to use this they just need an internet connection and a web browser. Mac’s, Tablets or PC’s no problem. They can view their account balance, reprint an invoice and even generate a purchase order based on their prior purchases from you. Advertise your business announcements and push your new products and special through this great Online Portal for your account customers. It’s not an addon, it’s ready to go!

Pack and Dispatch Screen

This screen can be used by your dispatch area to enter all the details of the freight etc even after the invoice has been raised. Then carton labels can be printed out. This screen can list all invoices awaiting dispatch so your warehouse people know what’s ready at any time. Filter by courier and print to get a shipping manifest for each courier to check off making sure they leave nothing behind.

Pack size Conversion

Order and receive a product by the Box or Roll, and Sell by the meter or Piece. Peach will take care of it all for you. When ordering it will price and order by the carton and when you book the carton in it will dilute the carton into stock using the Qty in the carton and adjust the Cost accordingly leaving less to get wrong. Just tell Peach that the incoming item is on a 50-meter roll and the sell unit should convert to 50 for every roll received. That’s it. Simple!

Peach PDA

Pick Order, move stock between Bin Locations, Book Goods in, or just waltz around the warehouse or showroom doing a love stocktake on the move. No need to print reports or isolate stock. Speed and accuracy can be obtained without compromise. Everyone has a problem with stock accuracy and this is the solution.

Peach Mobile

Monitor your business from your mobile phone. Great for making buying decisions on your next trip and being able to check in to see how the day is going. See sales, Products, suppliers and Customers. Make a call directly for the Customer contacts screen and get your GPS directions. Best of all enter a customer order directly from your mobile phone

PDA Tradie

Let your customers use their mobile phone, just send them a link to the move Tradie app and they can scan a product and put an order through on their account. They will get real time stock and price availability while on the job. Get those orders from your trade customers from where ever they may be.

Percentage price change

Percentage price change means that you can adjust your pricing level by level using any filter you want. It can be used to change future pricing or even promotional pricing. The filters are for things such as group, subgroup or location etc.

Price As

A common scenario may be a client is a member of a buying group with agreed pricing on a range of products. Simply point the pricing for the client to the buying groups pricing and you’re done. Now if the group re negotiates their pricing with you you’re only need to change the pricing for one customer, the group!  However, there may be products outside the agreement that you want pricing rules for, you can put these pricing rules into the customers own matrix which will take precedence. But hang on, you may have given this customer a better price than the buying group. No problemo, just add this very special discount into the customers own price matrix as well, maybe even add a minimum qty to get that special buy!

Customer Price List

If you’re customers can’t get live Price and availability using Peach online, you can still provide a net price list to your customer. The price list will output to Excel or PDF and contain the customers special net price, including sub items for Qty Pricing. You can choose to also list any of your A to F selling prices if you like. You can also select to output a subset of your products based on the customers price matrix to limit sending your entire file.

Printer Assignment

Using Peach, you can assign different types of print jobs to the desired printer for that particular type of job. You can also change printers on the fly. Using our transaction monitor your remote warehouses can also monitor print jobs destined for their branch and print them to their remote printers without the need for heavy and pricey infrastructure.

Printing Labels

Peach gives you the ability to print Product or Shelf labels for your products, you can also auto print labels for products where the price has changed during the receipting or price update processes. Labels are printed using a standard Zebra or Dymo Label Printer.

Product and Shelf Label Layout

Design your own labels with your own Logo, only limited by your printer’s ability.

Product Categories

These can be edited manually for reporting reasons of your own or you can run automated processes to update the category field based on product performance. It takes only moments to do this enabling you to keep track of what category a product should be in based on performance. This can be used to provide filtering for reorder algorithms or to provide better pricing when a product is down trending to bring sale back to life. Tools to keep your business and inventory moving.

Automated Selling Prices

Peach gives you a range of options for setting up your pricing matrix. You can use Mark-up, Price Levels, Maintain Margin, Net pricing, Qty price break or a combination. We haven’t seen a price challenge we haven’t been able to conquer. Peach gives you the ability to setup a specific price matrix for a specific group of products, this allows you to maintain your price matrix with very little effort, it also allows you to have the flexibility to price accordingly for different types of customers. Peach Also allows the user to categorize parts into Subgroups, making prices, location, Qty and other features of parts easy to manage and alter.  Almost all the product, and performance reports can use these as to sort or filter to extract exactly what you need.

Product Kitting

Sell a group of products under one-part number, e.g., Car Cleaning kit [bucket, wax, detergent & sponge]. Items purchased as Kits can also be broken up into their individual parts, to be sold separately, and not as a whole, using Product Kits. If a kit is a hose with fitting and the length changes, no problem! Kits can be edited on the fly to allow for such variations for an individual customer.

Product Pictures

Take a photo on your phone, transfer to your computer and change the file name to match the part number. More than one part matches the picture? easy just make a copy of the picture and name it according to the other part numbers. Then simply upload it through our easy interface. These pictures are seen through Product Control, Order Screens and even Peach Online.

Promotional Pricing

Promotional pricing can be set system wide or for a specific group of customers and yes you can run multiple promotions with overlapping dates. If the Promotional price is better than the customers regular or special price then the promotional price will be used. If, however the customer special net price is best then that will be used, overwriting the promotional price.

Qty Price Breaks

Quantity price breaks are easy and fast to set up. This can be global or on a customer-by-customer basis. When you’re making the sale these price breaks display so your sales people can offer the best possible deal while moving as much stock as possible. Even from our online portal the customer can see the Qty price break and make the decision to increase their order.


Customer quotes can be entered and printed out to an invoice or docket printer. They can then be easily recalled and updated as an Order or Invoice, or simply deleted.


Over 50 standard Reports to use as is, or as a template to create and save your own custom reports. All reports can be Filtered and sorted, run in summary or detail mode. The clever report write is extremely fast and once the report is generated, all pages have been rendered so moving around the report is very fast. Our report writer opens your data in PDF for best presentation or directly to Excel so you can further manipulate or format the report yourself.


If you have loaded the wrong customer and entered a swag of lines, don’t panic, just load the correct customer and click re price to correct all the prices for the customer in the screen. Isn’t it horrible when you’ve almost finished a large invoice and then realize it’s the wrong customer, this has got to be a time saver? The same function is available for Supplier orders as well and can be used to compare a purchase of hundreds of lines between suppliers as the Purchase order loads each suppliers pricing from prior purchases or price file updates.

Retrieve invoices

To retrieve a customer invoice just go back to the transaction screen and load the customer. Now hit F5 to see a list of all their Invoices, quotes and orders. The salesman and payment method are shown including the outstanding amount for each invoice. Just select the invoice or order and the line details appear. Once you have found the one you are after, just hit enter and that’s it. Now F10 and reprint or process.

 Retrieve Orders

Customer or Supplier Orders can be retrieved, updated and saved, or printed as often as required. Although customer orders can be viewed from many different areas. To retrieve one is as simple as opening an Orders screen, loading the client and then Hit F5. Outstanding orders and Quotes will be listed, with the line details one click away.

 Commission Reports

Just put a salesman’s code on the customer and a percentage that he gets for the sales. Peach has a number of really great reports that will calculate and print the commission sheet for the rep avoiding a lot of extra time working it out yourself.

 Serial Numbers

Peach can track product serial numbers from the purchase through to the sale. Great for more expensive articles and warrantee or batch tracking. Then when required you can find information on a transaction just by knowing the serial number.

 Business Style Options

We have over 600 clients with 600 slightly different ways of doing business. That’s why there are so many options when setting up your business. We don’t want you to feel that the software restricts you, we’d rather work with you. This makes us stronger for the future. From Importers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributers, through to Point of Sale and Workshops. We solve your logistics. In some industries we even connect suppliers with their clients and vice versa to provide live product and sales mix updates.

 Spaces and Alternate Characters in Part Numbers

Spaces, Dots, Dashes…. No Problem, Peach remembers all products with and without as alternatives, so you can search with or without them. We make finding products easier than most so your enquiry and sale process is fastest in the industry.

 Split Sale

Our power POS system allows multiple payment types for cash sales. Pay Part Cash and Part Card, or Part Cheque “No Problem” all updating the till summary totals for the day. Peach Allows for numerous payment types.


Time and throughput are optimised by having the ability to open duplicate Order, Sales or Purchasing screens. In fact, any screen can be opened as many times as required to enable you to multi task. Handy when you have a large supplier order to get away but need to run a quick one through meanwhile, or if you have two customer orders on the run at the same time. A very time saving and unique feature.

 Open or Closed item Statements

Whatever your customers preference, for closed item statement simply put select customers in a separate report code. The balance of your customers preferring open invoice statements.


Stock take by Location, Group, Supplier, Subgroup etc. Or use the new PDA Handheld stock take device. After stocktaking you can run a variance report to show where the holes are and then a recount stocktake report. Our PDA can record stock take transactions and keep up with around 5-6 people counting ahead.

 Supplier Files and Price Updates

Have your suppliers provide you with all their parts and price updates. Peach can take them all into the reference file and make them accessible to you from any transaction or search screen, they can even be used and viewed from our Peach Online portal. You can even organise them into your system Product Groups and Subgroups to automate price creation as they are dropped into the active product file. Products dropped into the active product file with bring with them the suppliers Description, barcode and costs. Adding parts to your system has never been so fast and easy with our XLS Import feature.

 Supplier Order generation

Generate your supplier orders automatically based on Min, Max, Replace Sales, Customer Orders, Job Cards, Insufficient Stock levels or even by second preferred supplier. Some customers Love the fact that they can produce an order for one supplier and then transfer it to another to check the total price is competitive…. EASY!  While in the supplier order screen, just click on a product and you can see Customer Orders, Supplier Orders, In Stock Quantity, and a neat Sales Graph of the last 24 months. Push one more button and you can even see the last time, invoice and price that you purchased it and view the transaction. I don’t think you could ask for more than that! And if your supplier wants a file format they can import into their system, Peach Software can store unlimited supplier file formats that can be exported to your suppliers with the order.

 Supplier Credits

Supplier Returns for credit are made simple. The first transaction being the request to the supplier that goes off with the goods. Then once the supplier sends the goods back, you can finalise the credit while checking it matches up exactly to the request, Peach even notes the original invoice number on each line returned for your supplier. If your supplier sends a consolidated credit from multiple requests, no problem. Just transfer the parts from multiple credit requests to a single credit note.


Support is available through Video Tutorials, Email, Phone, Remote screen Logins and on site if required. Peach Software is a full-service company and doesn’t behind an email or ticketing system. Simply ring and get an agent with years of experience. we don’t use scripts to ask you useless and time-consuming questions. All our support staff are experienced and prepared to take your call and answer your question in a sensible and quick style. Around 70% of calls and emails are resolved in the first instance. No Chat rooms!

 Suspended Invoices

Suspended invoices are like a tab at the bar, you don’t want the bill, till you’ve finished your meal. Same in Peach, some customers don’t want an invoice for every little purchase, so you can keep a running invoice and release it at the end of the week, day or Month. We call it a suspended invoice

 Online Parts Catalogue

Peach Online includes an electronic catalogue structure which you can populate replacing the need for a catalogue, alternatively use the Oscar catalogue from Auto Info which integrates to both Peach POS software and Trade Connect.

 Trading Summary

The trading Summary Screen is like a window to the money factory. It’s extremely graphical and gives you great insight to where your business is at. Creditors, Debtors, Stock Value, Profit and 24 Month or 30 Days sales statistics. It’s all there in one screen.

 Tracking Customer Orders

Outstanding Quotes, Customer orders, Picking Slips and Invoices are easily tracked In Peach through the transaction monitor screen. After goods get booked in Peach can even tell you what you can now dispatch based on the delivery you just received, what, How Many and Who too, and their phone Number so you can ring or text them.

 Installing Peach Software

When you get Peach installed its normally a three-to-five-day job. The data transfer and commissioning are done in under 24 Hours. At that point the jobs still not done so we typically stay with you for a few days to make sure you have all the tools to carry out the normal day to day activities. Further online training is done using remote tools. The learning process will never finish so learning can be done in smaller sessions on line since you won’t be able to absorb it all in the first couple of weeks.

 Updating Supplier Files, prices and parts list

Supplier files are available from many companies now and make it easy for you to have access to their complete range. These files don’t sit in the product file clogging up your reports and slowing down the system, they sit in the Reference file which opens automatically should you be searching for a product that is not in your product file. You can easily update the supplier costs in your reference file from Excel spreadsheets as often as required and then update the product file costs only for those parts that are in the product file. This will save you hours of work and keep your data and costs up to date and accurate.

 Update selling Prices from Costs

You can have Peach adjust Selling prices as costs change automatically or as you determine it’s needed. This can be set per customer for your trade or distributors as well. Although you may want your special price customers prices to update with your costs, you wouldn’t want your retail ticketed price to change unless you specifically ordered it to.

 User ID and Security

Each users’ credentials can be set up by the admin, with parameters to limit the features available Menu by Menu and what information is in View. The beauty of this is that each user id can have a completely different range of access, rather than having to fit them into a security group that may not completely fit their requirements. User profiles can be cloned when new staff are added.

 Keyboard, Mouse or Touch Screen

We are very conscious of the fact that when your use to a system, using the keyboard is a whole lot faster and easier than the mouse. That’s why there are so many easy to remember shortcut keys such as ALT+C Customer    ALT+P Product   ALT+I Invoice   ALT+R Receipts & so on. Peach is also optimised for Touch Screen devices with on screen keyboards available.

 Workshop Control

Peach comes complete with all modules, and one is the comprehensive workshop Control module. Keep track of Job Cards, Mechanic Hours, Parts on Jobs etc. Yes, any parts used on a job can now be taken from your inventory automatically. A great booking diary adds bookings to a diary so you can schedule jobs quickly without double booking.


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Used by over 4,000 users and counting

We’re rated an excellent 5 out of 5

Wilson Logo

Wilson & Co have been using Peach Software for over 20 Years

We have enjoyed a positive and professional relationship. Recently Peach Software released an entirely new version, which has the reliability and features of the previous version but utilising the very latest technologies. The transition to the new V12 version was smooth, fast and seamless. Some of the outstanding features we utilise are Kitting, Supplier and Product Alternates and the Bulk emailing features.

KORD | L Wilson & Co

Autoone Logo

Since then, I can directly attest to the productivity gains we have made with Peach

We are a fairly large (30 employees, 21k+ SKU's, 65K+ inventory database) independent retail and trade/wholesale based business operating in Newcastle, that also operates a workshop. We had been using the Reynolds ERP system for approx 23 years and were cautious about changing to another system. I had Peach experience from some years ago and it was our preference.

DAVE | Mega Parts – AutoOne Warners Bay N.S.W

Jgr Logo File

We have been running Peach Software since May and found the company to be very professional

Our business has been streamlined by the efficient transaction screens, which are fast and informative. Some of the features which benefit our business are Kitting, Alternate Parts, Suppliers and Super Sessions, which are well thought out and easy to navigate. Peach are always updating the software, adding new features, and their support staff are always happy to help.

RODNEY | JGR Industrial

Agspares Logo

Peach Business Software suits all our needs perfectly

It's easy to use and the technical team made the transition from our existing software provider to Peach Business Software seamless. Highly recommend!

ANTHONY | AG Spares Deniliquin

Logo 1

Everything is fantastic, The support staff are terrific

I love the tutorials and have been able to semi retire now because of your Software. The remote capabilities & detailed reports are ground breaking. The 4 Decimal Point pricing Peach added for me really did the the trick and Peach Online will be the next step.

Tony | Metfasteners

Logo 5

The staff at Peach Software are very Professional and their support desk is always happy to help

Peach has simplified our processes and saved money and time. I’d recommend Peach Software to anyone with Complex inventory and after using Peach Software for just a few weeks, we felt very comfortable. The transition to Peach Software from our previous software was very fast & professional.

Dean | Independent Bearings and Spares Pty Ltd